Sioux Falls Sanitation owner misses court hearing, judge extends injunction

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Last month, KSFY News spoke with upset customers who used Sioux Falls Sanitation as a garbage hauler.

The City of Sioux Falls petitioned for a preliminary injunction Monday that would give them more time to collect and remove garbage along with dumpsters and trash receptacles.

Garbage has already been removed from residential and commercial properties due to the health concerns the city had.

Judge Camela Theeler has extended an injunction up to 10 days to allow the city to remove all of Sioux Falls Sanitation's dumpsters. The injunction will also allow more time to officially serve owner Kay Kramer with court papers.

Kramer was not in court Monday morning nor was an attorney on her behalf.

Landfill Superintendent, Don Kuper, reached out to Kramer on June 3 to make her aware of the hearing Monday and that was the first time Kramer was reached.

Sioux Falls Sanitation customers can contact the city at 605-367-8162 if they still have trash that has accumulated.