Sioux Falls School Board votes to accept land donation from Sanford

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Sanford Health has donated a large plot of land to the Sioux Falls School District on the condition that it be used to build a school.

In the school board meeting Monday night, Sioux Falls School Board members voted to accept a donation of 35 acres of land in the northern area of Sioux Falls from Sanford Health.

Dr. Brian Maher, the superintendent for the Sioux Falls School District, proposed the donation at the meeting. He explained that the 35 acres of land would be a gift from Sanford.

Dr. Maher also said that Sanford is giving the district the option to buy an extra 10 acres. The only provision on the donation is that a school has to be built on it. It can be an elementary school, a middle school, a high school or a combination.

The land is located south of Benson Road, east of I-29, southwest of the Sanford Sports Complex, along Westport Avenue.

Paul Hanson, the vice president of Sanford, said Sanford is honored to give a donation like this to the school district. Three board members voted to accept the donation while two others abstained. Dr. Maher said the school district will use community engagement sessions to get public input on how to use the land.

“Sanford Health is always looking for ways to support the communities we serve," said Sanford Health Executive Vice President Kevin Lampe. "Investing in education is a great way to support Sioux Falls now and in the decades to come.”