Sioux Falls School District altering daily schedule for elementary schools

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - For the past 20 years, Sioux Falls School District elementary schools have been holding their special classes such as P.E., music, and art on a five day fixed schedule.

The district has opted to change the weekly schedule where special classes are now on a four-day rotating schedule. The district says rotating the classes means the same fine arts classes won't be affected when school is off on Mondays and Fridays.

The schedule change also offers less time for special classes. But it gives more time for teachers to lesson plan and gives students more library time.

The current schedule gives students 245 minutes of specials weekly. With the new schedule, students will have 240 minutes of specials.

"So we looked at that elementary schedule and looking at equity, how do we provide students with equity," said Teresa Boysen, assistant superintendent for academic achievement, Sioux Falls School District. "The four-day rotation provides equity for students. Then how do we build in collaboration and planning time for the teachers? So that way a team of teachers can meet together to talk about students and how do we move that group forward. So, my third-grade team can come together at the same time every day and talk about how we meet the needs of kids."

The new schedule allows students to have more library time than they have had in the past.