Sioux Falls business leaders talk women empowering one another

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - The world celebrated International Women's Day Thursday, and while there was no dedicated march or event in the KSFY viewing area, female business leaders had plenty of wisdom to share.

As many of those leaders have found success, they said they have had help and support from other women along the way.

The women said it has always been important to empower and support one another, but with #MeToo and the Time's Up movements this past year, it's even more important than ever, and KSFY News reporter Erika Leigh met two women who had advice on how to do just that.

"Growing up we knew you could be a teacher, you could be a nurse, you could be a doctor, you could be a lawyer, but there are so many other careers out there that you didn't know existed," Sarah Callahan said.

Callahan started a job as an accountant, but realized she did not like it.
Now she is an entrepreneur and recently started a website with her friend called

"All of the different careers that are out there, some of them didn't exist 10 years ago, some of them don't exist when you start college, and they exist after you're graduating," Callahan said. "We just thought it'd be a great way to help young women find out about these careers by doing a blog."

The site features a new female professional each Monday. It just went live this week.

"A lot of entrepreneurs and business people are willing to talk with a young person about what their career aspirations are and help guide them," Callahan said. "There's lots of open doors, sometimes, you just have to ask."

The ask is something Sioux Falls Business Professional Women Vice President Lori Sisson said is key. Whether it is asking for help or the promotion you have been working toward.

"It might be no today, but it might not be not down the road, and so sometimes you have to make sure you're not afraid of going after it even if right now it doesn't turn out the way you want it to," Sisson said. "It's still good experience for you in the end."

And she said finding a mentor, becoming one and just supporting other women can also lead to success.

"Women sometimes feel like what they're doing is just their job, and so they don't always seek the recognition for the work that they do, and so I think it's important to call out other women that are doing a good job," Sisson said.

The business leaders KSFY spoke to said there are so many amazing resources for women to connect in our community.

KSFY will be featuring more female leaders in and around the community throughout March for Women's History Month.

If you know someone who might be great to feature, send Erika Leigh an email at

We have put links to resources recommended by our female business leaders under “Related Links” section.