Sioux Falls business will no longer use Facebook due to facial recognition tech

Facebook is pushing new facial recognition technology it says is meant to help protect users from someone else using their photos to impersonate them.

But the move has many concerned since facial recognition works by scanning faces of unnamed people in photos and videos sometimes without their consent.

At least one business in Sioux Falls says it will stop using Facebook and Instagram, which was purchased by the social network in 2012.

Zandbroz Variety posted on Facebook today saying it will no longer give its advertising dollars to either company, answering messages or comments on the platforms. Instead it will put more focus on its website citing a story from the New York Times about facial recognition.
Today Heather Smith with the ACLU of South Dakota weighed in on why it's concerned about Facebook's use of facial recognition. "I think the use of facial recognition in general is widespread we don't know how it's being used or what it could be used for in the future. So while we have a little 'snipit' of how been used with private companies and with Facebook, we don't know the extent."

Smith says users should take a cautious approach. You can check your privacy settings and opt out of facial recognition, disable your account or even delete it. She also recommends sending a letter to Mark Zuckerberg about why you're concerned.

At this point it's unclear if Instagram will also be using this technology.

Late Wednesday night Jamie Scarbrough with Zandbroz Variety sent a statement to KSFY News saying it made this decision because of Facebook's history with allowing private information to fall into questionable hands.