Sioux Falls digs out of the April blizzard

Sioux Falls, S.D. - If you drove anywhere in Sioux Falls Sunday, you probably saw plenty of shovels, snow blowers, plows, and skid loaders. They’re all hard at work cleaning up the 14 inches of snow that hit the city. Crews KSFY spoke with said they won't stop until it is all clear.

“I knew it was going to be bad,” Absolute Green president, Jeremy Fink said.

April usually conjures up thoughts of spring showers, not all of the snow.

“Usually we're done. We’re ready for landscaping and mowing,” Fink said.

With all this snow, it doesn’t look like this crew will be getting ready for spring anytime soon.

“It’s been a challenge. It’s wet, heavy, we're slipping and sliding, trying to get in. Then you have the wet heavy snow. We’re sinking and everything else. It’s tough,” Fink said.

Crews said they had plenty of time to get prepared.

“They talked about it for a week. We just kind of stayed on top of it and it helped us now because, we're staying ahead of the game for the most part. You know you have breakdowns and stuff that is hard on our equipment,” Fink said.

Other kinds of equipment were hard at work Sunday.

“I love it. I love a snow storm,” Sioux Falls resident, Shirly Hillgren said.

Shirly and John Hillgren have been busy digging themselves out of 14 inches of snow.

“Yeah we're a little tired, but the thing is we've been doing it so many years that we just kind of expect to shovel in the winter time,” John said.

Even though it may not feel like it…

“It’s spring. Pretty soon it will melt and then we'll get some more it will be fine,” Shirly said.

Crews with Absolute Green said the long hours make it tough, but it’s important to take your time and if they have to, they'll bring in a new crew.