Sioux Falls man gives up his car for a bike

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - It’s been three years since Terry Mashek stopped driving a car to work and started riding his bike. He rides his bike in South Dakota’s coldest temperatures every day but it doesn't faze him.

It's not uncommon to see people riding their bikes to work rather than driving a car. It saves money, it's economical and its two workouts a day you didn't have to go to the gym for.

You may think it's crazy but many people are catching on to this trend. Ever thought about giving up your car for a bike? Well Terry Mashek has.

"First off its economical and I kind of like being different and it's a lot of fun and it keeps my cardiologist happy," Terry Mashek said.

Terry started commuting to work regularly by bicycle in 2007. Every year he started riding more and more cutting his time down in the car.

"The next year I thought well maybe I could do it less maybe i could drive less than five times and pretty soon I was well I wonder if I could go a whole year without driving at all and three years later here we are," Mashek added.

He rides eight to 30 miles a day depending where his work location is for the day. You may be wondering how he stays warm during the negative temperatures.

"It’s actually surprisingly easy to stay warm in the winter because when you're riding you generate a lot of heat," Mashek said.

The big tips are to cover your face, wear a jacket and pants that are wind resistant and protect your fingers and toes.

"Starting with my boots they're just plain old hiking boots. then some wind resistant pants, on top I have a moisture wicking shirt that I got at target, because it's below zero today I wore another layer of a sweatshirt and then my windbreaker," Mashek said.

Of course don't forget the gloves, helmet and goggles to finish it off.

Terry has had his mishaps while commuting, but those are easily fixable compared to a car problem. He said he has no plans of giving up his bike anytime soon.