Sioux Falls man has faith in the Thanksgiving spirit

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A Sioux Falls man says three days ago he was praying for some type of miracle that would solve a big problem he was having and change his life.
Today those prayers paid off in a way he did not expect.

It's a busy world and there are times when it feels like the only one who cares abour your you.
Terry Liggins knows that feeling first hand. "Without a vehicle for the past three weeks has been very difficult to get to work, get my daughter to daycare, get my son to school, and I really wanted to go home for the holiday."

Three weeks ago, Terry's car died and everything he used it for became a monumental problem.
As Thanksgiving approched, Terry was worried he wouldn't be able to get to his hometown of Omaha for the holidays. "I've been operating on nothing but my faith for the past three-and-a-half weeks. Believing that something good would happen for me."

Well on Thanksgiving Eve...Terry's faith in life and the goodness of others was rewarded. "For something as miraculous as this timed so well I just really think its a huge blessing. I think it's a Godsend. I think it's an example of what the city of Sioux Falls is really about."

Let's back things up for a moment.
Terry is part of a program called 'The Community Outreach'. It helps people like Terry...who are trying to get their lives on solid footing and can be self-sufficient.
The Community Outreach has partnered with Sioux Falls Ford on a program called 'Rides to Success', which plans on giving donated cars to people who need them.
Terry is the first recipient. "Honestly I think it's a Godsend. To be in a situation where transportation is a barrier. I mean there are plenty of times when you're by yourself just hoping and praying that something would happen."

Something did happen. Something wonderful.
Terry can now get to work, get his kids to daycare and school...and get home to Omaha for the holidays.
He is....thankful.

'Rides to Success' is planning on giving away a one car a month to help those who need to break down a transportation barrier.