Sioux Falls musician earns golden ticket at American Idol audition in Fargo

A Sioux Falls singer and songwriter has earned a golden ticket during an American Idol audition in Fargo.

KSFY News caught up with Maddie Todd at Augustana University, which is where she went to school and now where she works, to hear about her experience so far.

If you ask her about music, you'll quickly learn it's something that's always been a part of her. She started singing when she was three years-old.

"My mom is a really good singer. She started right away like having me listen to parts in a song, or identifying certain instruments. I'd train my ear that young," Maddie Todd said.

She performed one of her original songs 'Telescope' with a piano on the stage of Kresge Recital Hall on Augie's campus. She says music is the way she can best express herself.

"There are songs I will write and learn from months later after listening to them which has been really interesting," she said.

It wasn't long ago she heard about American Idol's return to prime time television and an audition being held in Fargo.

"There are a lot of people who have been telling me I need to. I said it wasn't the right time. Reason why it wasn't the right time is because I wan'ted to finish school. I wanted to make my parents proud," she said.

Maddie had just graduated from Augustana in May 2017.

"I was like 'this is the time, we take risks'. So I gotta do it. I knew I'd regret it if I didn't," she said.

So it was off to Fargo for an early morning audition on September 5th.

"After I sang my first bit, they said 'what else do you got'? We're supposed to have two songs," she said. "They brought the three people around me forward, eliminated them. Brought me forward, told me they liked my second rendition. they gave me a golden ticket, took my picture and sent me off to the next thing."

Maddie Todd takes her golden ticket to Los Angeles on September 25th for a private audition with executive producers. If she does well, she will advance to an audition in front of the celebrity judges.

The brand-new season of American Idol premiers Spring 2018 on KSFY.