Sioux Falls prepares for President Trump's visit on Friday

Sioux Falls, S.D. - In a few short days, Donald Trump will make his first stop in South Dakota as president, speaking at a campaign event for Republican gubernatorial nominee Kristi Noem. Because of safety concerns, we don't know where or what time Noem's event will be held or much about the president's visit. However, a lot of people in Sioux Falls are getting ready.

If you're wanting to go and hear Trump speak, it's not cheap. It will cost you $500 per person or $1,000 per couple. $5,000 will get you a photo with the president.

Gov. Dennis Daugaard and First Lady Linda Daugaard are not planning to go to the event. In a statement, his Chief of Staff Tony Venhuizen said:

"Gov. and Mrs. Daugaard will be at the airport on Friday to welcome President Trump to South Dakota, just as they welcomed President Obama in 2015. This was coordinated with the White House and they are attending in their official capacities. The governor and first lady are not paying to attend any of the events. The governor does hope to get the opportunity to visit with the president about issues impacting South Dakota, especially ethanol and trade."

President Trump will be landing Friday afternoon. Sioux Falls Regional Airports Executive Director Dan Letellier said if you're flying out Friday, you may notice some delays. He said there will be some temporary flight restrictions when the president lands and takes off.

Speaking of delays, if you're driving around Sioux Falls Friday you may see some roadblocks. Sioux Falls Police Captain Jeff Garden said the department is working in support of the secret service and will provide any assistance they need. He couldn’t specifically speak to what that roll is, but did add, The Highway Patrol and the Sheriff’s Office will also be assisting.

There won’t be any hot air balloons in the skies Friday. The Sioux Falls Ballooning Association President TJ Olson had to cancel the event because the FAA said no recreational flying due to the president’s visit.

“A little bummed. I mean we like to fly, kind of put on a show for the community. That sort of thing, and just the fact that we weren’t able to do it because of this, I mean it’s a new one to me, but it kind of comes with the territory of ballooning,” Olson said.

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Billie Sutton's campaign manager, Suzanne Jones Pranger, said in a statement:
"The minute Congresswoman Noem realized her political career is in danger, in true Washington DC fashion, she calls in help from Washington and breaks the campaign promise she made to South Dakota by using a loophole to fund her campaign with big-money contributions most South Dakotans can't afford. We can’t trust the Congresswoman to clean up what’s wrong in Pierre when she has already proven we can’t trust her to keep her word.”

Democratic candidate for South Dakota’s Congressional seat Tim Bjorkman is responding to Kristi Noem’s event with President Trump. He is holding a free event Friday afternoon at 5:00 at Terrace Park. President Trump will also be in Fargo Friday. He’s campaigning in support of Republican Kevin Cramer's congressional race.