Sioux Falls shooting victim remembered as quiet man looking to make a better life

Sioux Falls, S.D. - It has been an emotional couple days for friends and family of Jeremy Flynn, the man who was shot and killed near downtown Sioux Falls. It happened just before 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon in an alley south of 14th street.

One person has been arrested in connection to the shooting.

“Oh no not him,” St. Francis House Executive Director Julie Becker said. “Not someone that was really trying to change their life and was trying to make a difference."

For nearly three months, Jeremy Flynn was a familiar face around the St. Francis House in Sioux Falls.

“He was quiet at first,” Becker said. “The longer that he stayed here you could kind of tell that his shell was opening up a little bit.”

A quiet man, who was ready to take his life in a better direction than where he was before.

Jeremy had been in and out of jail and was on parole before he died, but Becker said Jeremy owned up to the mistakes he made in his past.

“He wanted that accountability,” Becker said. “He wanted that sense of belonging. He was ready to go down a road less traveled that was going to be more difficult, but he knew it was a better road for him to be on.”

When the news came that Jeremy had been shot and killed Sunday afternoon…

“It’s kind of rocked us all,” Becker said. “It really bothers me that he had to lay there alone and cold. That’s what probably breaks my heart the most is that he was alone.”

No matter what he's done, Becker said Jeremy was someone’s son, brother, and father.

“Parole or not parole, he was a human being,” Becker said. “No one deserves to die over whatever it was that caused that person to feel that they needed to shoot him. It’s very heartbreaking because it’s a life that can never be brought back.”

Jeremy worked at John's Shoe Repair shop on and off again for 15 years. His boss Todd Anderson tells KSFY he couldn't have asked for a better employee.

Sioux Falls Police said the suspect, who is also on parole, and Flynn knew each other. They have not released his name yet, but said he will likely be charged sometime this week.