Sioux Falls streets to all be plowed by late Friday

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - City officials say all of the streets in Sioux Falls will be plowed by late Friday night.

Street Fleet Manager Gaylynn Huber from Public Works said the depoartment decided to issue a snow alert Thursday night after receiving more snow than expected.

He said the Sioux Falls airport reported receiving 4.3 inches.

The unexpected increase in snowfall has not hindered crews, though. Huber said it's a dry snow, and with the help from the sun, it has been easy for plows to move it.

Crews began working in Zone 3 early Friday morning and have now additionally started working in Zone 2.

During a snow alert, vehicles cannot be parked on streets that have not been plowed. Sioux Falls Police and officials with Public Parking will ticket vehicles.

Fines could cost up to $100.