Sioux Falls students meet world-record holder and star of new children's book

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Students at Susan B. Anthony Elementary School were able to meet the star of a children's book Thursday. She also happens to be a world-record holder.

After listening to Carla Rickert read 'The Adventures of Mochi the Dog: Finding a Forever Home,' the kids were anxious to meet the main character. Rickert and her husband rescued Mochi about seven years ago. The Saint Bernard became the focus of Rickert's new book because of her abnormally large tongue.

"It shows that we can be resilient no matter what we go through," Rickert said. "Then, it also speaks to diversity and the acceptance of each other just as we are and about being kind and compassionate to each other."

That tongue also earned Mochi the award for the longest tongue on a dog in the Guinness World Records book of amazing animals. From her snout to the tip, it measures 7.3 inches.

"I'm just going to try and take this opportunity and make people happier and help bring smiles to even the grumpiest people," Rickert said.

Mochi's tongue measures a total of 14 inches. When she yawns, Rickert said it can stretch to 18 or 20 inches. She also weighs 144 pounds.

Mochi has her own Instagram account and website, which is where people can find the book 'The Adventures of Mochi the Dog: Finding a Forever Home.'

Rickert said Mochi just got back from a press tour in Canada for being named the dog with the longest tongue. She said Mochi has loved all of the attention.