Sioux Falls woman located after kidnapper forces her into car trunk

A Sioux Falls woman is recovering from a wild ride tonight after police say an ex-boyfriend forced her into the trunk of his car and drove through southwest Minnesota before stopping at an abandoned farm near Garretson.

The woman's frantic calls to police and teamwork by several law enforcement agencies saved the woman before the situation could get any worse.

It was a terrifying morning for a Sioux Falls woman. It all started here on the 2700 block of East 12th st. when police got a call around 8:30 this morning- the woman was able to call police after being forced into the back of a car trunk.

"She stayed on the line and our dispatchers did a fantastic job and were able to get a lot of details from the woman," said Officer Sam Clemens, with the Sioux Falls Police Department.

Sioux Falls Police along with several other agencies were able to find the suspect - Jon Henri Bryant Sr. on an abandoned farm near Garretson.

"The vehicle attempted to flee the farm yard. Minnehaha County deputies were able to disable the vehicle to get it turned sideways so it couldn't go forward or back anymore," said Captain Mike Walsh, with the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Department.

That is when police were able to rescue the woman- she suffered minor injuries- but Captain Walsh says things could have ended much worse.

"Due to close working relationship we have with the Sioux Falls Police Department and the other agencies around here, we were able to quickly establish communications and put out the information to all of the deputies and troopers and that includes some of the agencies in Minnesota. Her ability to help us out certainly could have saved her own life," said Walsh.

The victim was punched and strangled by Bryant Sr. during the incident. However, her injuries were minor and she is expected to be ok.