Sioux Falls woman spreads positive vibes one themed 'Chemo Party' at a time

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A Sioux Falls woman is going out of her way to get creative, making Chemotherapy a little more tolerable for her mother who is fighting cancer. She does it one themed party at a time.

KSFY News visited the Avera Prairie Center for this story.

Holly Anderson-Hintz calls them Chemo Parties, something she created in a hospital room.

"When mom was diagnosed, I'd always known to stay positive, keep it positive. I didn't want to her to dread coming to chemo," Holly Anderson-Hintz said.

She knows Chemotherapy isn't easy for any cancer patient.

"I wanted to have something to look forward to. So I decided to make it as fun as possible," Holly said.

She did. She decorated her mom's entire room with a theme six total times.

"The first one was flamingos: 'Flock you, cancer'. Then we did 'Casting a Spell on Cancer'. 'Stuff it, cancer' with turkeys. 'Cancer is 'elfed' up'. 'Cancer is the Grinc'h and now, 'Lights, camera cure!'"

If you ask her mom, it worked.

"The first one, I laughed and laughed and couldn't believe it. It's amazing, just blew me away. I could hardly talk. It was fun," Holly's mom Carol Anderson said.

Carol Anderson is in Sioux Falls from Britton getting treatment at Avera for a rare Uterine Cancer,

"I didn't cry or anything. I just said lets do this, let's get this going," Carol said.

Her daughter's surprises for each appointment has kept her going through four months of chemo.

"I didn't think she'd keep doing it over and over but when she's little, she'd done things like this. A lot of fun doing things," Carol said.

One of her favorite themes was right around Christmastime. The decor was themed 'Cancer is the Grinch' and included a giant Grinch blow-up doll, tree and bouquet.

"People always stop in to see what we've done, the nurses are excited to see what my next theme will be. They've been wonderful. It's been great," Holly said.

But Carol's radation journey is winding down.

"I didn't realize that we're going to miss these guys. They became part of our family. They took care of us," Holly said. "It's not always going to be bright and cheery but having something to look forward to helps a lot."