SiouxFalls.Business Report: June 12, 2018

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (SIOUXFALLS.BUSINESS) - Jodi Schwan with SiouxFalls.Business stopped by the KSFY Studio to discuss the latest business news:

The state is stepping up its commitment to filling workforce needs by starting young.

A relatively new program pairs high school students with employers and is starting to find success.

Malloy has had two high school interns come into its business through the program. They are paired with mentors to teach them skills and answer questions.

One student just graduated and has started full-time at Malloy. Another who’s still in high school just started this summer as an intern and has plans to go to Southeast Tech after graduation on a scholarship backed by Malloy.

It is a good example of an employer partnering with a state program to address workforce needs and the state hopes other businesses will see the success it is having and participate too.

The new JJ’s Wine, Spirits and Cigars opens in a much larger space on Wednesday.

It’s located on West 57th Street between Western and Louise avenues. In addition to lots more room for inventory, there will be space for special events, a bar menu with space for sitting and socializing, a “boozy bake shop” and a patio.

The bar and food areas will open throughout the month of June, but you will be able to visit the retail space starting this week. And they are not moving entirely out of the old JJ’s space on Western Avenue next to Starbucks either.

We will have details of a new concept coming there soon.