Small Business Revolution crew tours downtown Aberdeen before Top 5 selected

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ABERDEEN, S.D. The Small Business Revolution - Main Street competition crew made their way to the Hub City on Tuesday and toured around on Wednesday. Last month, Aberdeen advanced to the top 10 and local businesses are ready to continue their momentum into the top 5.

It's been a busy 24-hour period for executive producer Amanda Brinkman and her crew with the Small Business Revolution. Today, KSFY's Kayleigh Schmidt followed them around to see if they think Aberdeen has what it takes to move on.

"I think it just brings awareness to Aberdeen. We tend to be kind of isolated up in our corner of the state," The Farmer's Wife Boutique owner Samantha Miller said.

Six small businesses will have a slice of $500,000 if Aberdeen wins the Small Business Revolution competition, which is in its third season.

"I would use the funds to go back and promote our community more, provide more outreach with our opportunities with Sanford," Miller said. "We did a lot of outreach for moms that are nursing and with postpartum depression."

Learning new ways to market their business is a big opportunity for business owners no matter what industry they're involved in.

"There's so many different marketing tactics nowadays with the e-commerce and online sales, even just things from bags to gift cards, your logo," Miller said.

So far, Brinkman is enjoying her time in the Hub City.

"We're really so taken with the aesthetics of the downtown space. It's a really beautiful downtown during the day and night," Brinkman said.

There's one unique aspect that she's noticed while touring downtown.

"This town understands how important the small businesses are to the vitality of Aberdeen and that's a really important part of the Small Business Revolution program and we love to see that's already alive and well here," Brinkman said.

Something else Brinkman loves to see is the heart of all the small business owners she's met with. Knowing that these owners really care about the community is something she believes the people of Aberdeen should be proud of.

Aberdeen may only be in the top 10 right now, but a push into the top 5 is easy.

"The residents of Aberdeen can continue to make sure that we understand what makes this town unique by sharing photos with us, stories with by using the hashtag My Aberdeen and the hashtag Small Business Revolution," Brinkman said.

"Everybody would love to see our downtown thrive and grow and bring different opportunities into Aberdeen," Miller said.

The top 5 towns will be announced next month, then the public has one week to vote which one should be the big grand prize winner. Don't forget to share those pictures and stories with the hashtags: #MyAberdeen and #SmallBusinessRevolution.

The Aberdeen Downtown Association hopes to set up a viewing party for the community when the top 5 towns are announced in mid-February.