UPDATE: Power nearly fully restored in Sioux Falls

Power is nearly fully restored in Sioux Falls after three tornadoes devastated parts of the city earlier this week.

According to Xcel Energy's outage map, only two customers in the Sioux Falls area are without power as of 7:30 a.m. Friday.

Over 25,000 customers were without power in the immediate aftermath of Tuesday night's storm, Xcel Energy officials say.

Xcel Energy says it is making headway in restoring power in Sioux Falls after the city was devastated by three tornadoes.

Spokesperson Eric Pauli said around 1,900 people are without power of as of Thursday morning. He said at the peak of the outage, 26,000 customers were affected.

Pauli said 500 staff and crew members are out working to restore power for remainig customers.

"We literally have a small out there," Pauli said. "We are making progress."

Pauli said he expects power to be 99 percent restored by 10 p.m. Thursday.

Three tornadoes touched down Thursday night, leaving heavy damage in many parts of the city.

You can see see Xcel Energy's outage map here.