Snow continues to fall heavily in Huron, city crews prepare

HURON, S.D. (KSFY) - Even though the April storm is here street crews in Huron are finding ways to get ahead of the rest of it.

Crews and law enforcement started preparing once they saw how hard the storm was going to hit.

The City of Huron isn't new to these April snowstorms. They were ready for this system to come so the prepared the best way they knew how.

"We made sure we had enough salt and sand which we got ready. We had to put some spinners on because we had switched gears to summer so we had to put that on and made sure our blades and loaders were ready to go, changed cutting edges, fueled up," Huron Streets Department Foreman, Bob Simpson said.

Street crews have been working hard since early Wednesday morning to keep all emergency routes clear of snow. They will move on to residential streets later.

"We have a crew on hand now and we'll call in a second crew if we need to and we'll stay ahead of this," Simpson said.

Sheriff Doug Solem said the city was briefed by the state before the storm hit, but recent flooding is making the roads in Huron a little more dangerous.
"And the bad thing about being out and about this time of year is a lot of the ditches are full of water, a lot of lakes are up to the side of the road the river right up to the side of the roads so travels not really safe at all," Beadle County Sheriff, Doug Solem said.

Many roads are packed with snow and ice. Add to that the rain from earlier in the day, Sheriff Solem is encouraging everyone to stay far away from the river.

"Well there's a lot of water out there there's water in places that we haven't seen water in the past so the river definitely stay away from the river, be careful if you're even crossing the river or driving by the river so this type of weather conditions doesn't pull you in to the river," Solem said.

Although everyone dealing with this weather is tired of it they're finding a way to get through.

"Everybody's a little tired of it but there's light at the end of the tunnel if we get past this one mother natures bound to realize that it's mid April the sun's got a lot of power it'll kick in and we'll be alright," Simpson said.