Snow gates will not be used in Sioux Falls this weekend

Sioux Falls, SD (KSFY) Snow gates will not be used in Sioux Falls this weekend as city plows clear away more than a foot of snowfall from all of the city's streets.

The City of Sioux Falls Public Works Street Division said due to the amount of snow and type of snow produced during this snow event, snow gates will not be effective.

“This snow event brought the City of Sioux Falls 14.2 inches of new snow. Public Works has attempted to use snow gates but the weight and volume of this snow has caused several snow gates to break in the process,” says Mark Cotter, Director of Public Works.

City leaders say when a large amount of snow, especially snow with a high water ratio, needs to be removed from the streets, snow gates are not beneficial. The amount of snow kept under the plow by the gates is too much for the gates to hold and ends up spilling over the gates or blades.

Public works said it could require plows to go over the streets more than once to clear all snow, and that extra time is not possible while maintaining public safety. Cotter said in order to ensure the city is plowed as quickly and safety as possible, snow gates will not be used during this major snow event. The use of snow gates will be assessed again during the next snow alert.