Snowstorm didn't hurt downtown businesses on Saturday

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - The weather outside was frightful, but shops in downtown Sioux Falls said business Saturday was delightful.

"The snow has been great actually," Dick Murphy, owner of Mrs. Murphy's Irish Gifts said.

Murphy said the snow has actually been a big attraction to bring folks downtown.

"We've enjoyed the winter wonderland a little bit here," Murphy said. "But obviously, it's brought a lot of people out and they've enjoyed shopping the stores and we've enjoyed visiting with people all over the place."

And the boost came as a surprise for some.

"Usually we expect when there's a lot of snow for it to be on the slower side," Paige Hanisch, a stylist at LOT 2029 boutique said. "Surprisingly today, it's been about as busy as a Saturday usually gets, but yeah, we definitely weren't expecting that."

The shoppers are not just locals, according to the stores. The city is seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of out-of-town visitors for different events and shows.

"It's really great for our business [be]cause on those slow days it can kind of hurt," Hanisch said. "We're a very small local business so we really like seeing all the people coming and going."

And they've got to credit all the events happening across the city.

"There's a lot of events going on this weekend," Murphy said. "We have people that are here to go skiing at Great Bear and of course, we have the swimming meet and we've had the wrestlers and all those families are here to gather for those particular events and cheer on their fans of those athletes."

Despite the snow, temperatures were mild after the storm, and there was no wind, making it perfect weather to walk outside.

"People just bundle up and walk store to store so it's nice that we're all located so close together," Hanisch said.

Speaking of perfect weather ... the Murphys are looking ahead.

"You might look around and see a touch of the green," Murphy said. "We'll be gathering up a little bit so people can be wearing the green. We're not too far off from St. Patrick's Day ... and you're always thinking green -- well, spring can't be too far behind that."

Many shoppers KSFY News spoke to said they were in town for The Sound of Music at the Washington Pavilion and were making a weekend out of coming to see the show. Some stores said many of the cast and crew members and their families from the show were also flocking to downtown to shop and eat.