Some studies show employers who embrace NCAA basketball tournament create a productive work environment

DOWNTOWN SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Multiple studies show billions of dollars are lost throughout the NCAA basketball tournament because workers are so focused on their brackets instead of work. Those same studies suggest that since employees are going to be paying attention to the tournament, why not have some fun with it? Employers are encouraged to use the tournament to talk about teamwork or create a good environment to boost morale.

One Sioux Falls business doing just that is Lemonly. It's an infographic design firm that has clients all over the United States. Some of their clients include Marriott, Major League Baseball and Kodak. The communications director, Morgan Hauck, said the office holds fun events year-round to boost the morale of the employees. It also creates an environment where workers want to be there and do a good job for the company. Many of the employees are competing in a bracket competition for the tournament. The person with the best percentage on their bracket will win a burrito of their choice from any business in Sioux Falls.

The employees at Lemonly are called Lemonheads. This is an especially exciting tournament for many employees because they are SDSU fans. SDSU alumni and fans at Lemonly call themselves Lemonjacks. They will hold watch parties for the games on Thursday and Friday. Since the men play in the afternoon during work hours on Thursday, Lemonheads will have to take a lunch break or skip the game. Since the women don't play until 6:30 PM Friday, the office will hold a watch party that night.