South Dakota population growth outpaces neighboring states

Courtesy U.S. Census Bureau

South Dakota's population grew at a faster pace than most of its neighboring states in 2017, according to new information from the United States Census Bureau.

South Dakota grew by .9 percent from 2016, according Census Bureau data released Wednesday. That matches Minnesota's growth for the fastest pace in the upper Midwest.

According to the Census Bureau, 869,666 people now live in South Dakota, compared to 861,542 in 2016, with a total of 8,124 additional people this year. The number includes births, deaths, and people moving into and out of the state.

Nebraska grew by .7 percent, while Iowa grew by .5. North Dakota's growth rate was unchanged, with a net loss of 155 people.

The Midwest grew by .3 percent in 2017. As a whole, the United States grew by .7 percent.

Further west, Montana grew by 1.1 percent, but Wyoming shrunk by one percent.

Idaho was the fastest growing state in the nation, with a 2.2 percentage growth.