South Dakota recycling company will no longer accept plastic bags

A Sioux Falls-based recycling company is no longer processing plastic bags.

Millennium Recycling announced Wednesday that will no longer be accepting plastic bags for recycling, effective immediately.

In a press release, President Shannon Dwire said the change is a result of current market conditions related to China's National Sword program. The policy, enacted in January of 2018, greatly reduced the amount of recyclable materials China accepted.

Millennium also cited the high cost and amount of labor required to process plastic bags as a reason for the change. The bags also frequently get caught in machines, and often slow down the entire recycling process.

The company is encouraging people to focus on reducing and reusing by bringing their own bags to the store and opting for paper bags instead of plastic.

Plastic bags can still be recycled by dropping them off at stores that participate in recycling programs. You can find a list on Millennium's website.