Spring snowstorm clean up in Huron

HURON, S.D. (KSFY) - The city of Huron is cleaning up and digging out after the past two days of heavy snow.

Many people in Huron are starting the digging out process and they say it’s something they shouldn’t be doing in spring.

The city of Huron saw over two feet of snow during this week's spring snowstorm.

Crews have been working continuously to try and get the roads back to normal conditions. Many side streets are still packed with snow but crews will get to them once all emergency routes are cleared.

Residents in Huron have been working all morning and they're just now starting to see some improvement after digging out.

They tell me over 23 inches of snow can be hard for one person to dig out of.

“It’s a lot of work," said Huron resident Kevin Lentz. "The older you get the harder it does get so I know you couldn’t shovel all of this and I've been taking it easy with the snowblower and doing a little bit at a time. Shoveling it would probably kill a person.”

The city currently has their big equipment and we see many with their shovels and snow blowers trying to clean up what mother nature blanketed across the region.