Spring snowstorm hits Huron hard

Today Huron is a ghost town. The winds and snow won't let up at all leaving roads impassable and businesses closed.

Right now its nearly impossible to travel due to the snow packed roads and low visibility. The only type of vehicle that has been able to make it out on the roads is trucks.

Many stranded travelers we spoke with were making trips down south when this blizzard started and they’re ready to get home.

“It’s pretty crazy, we don’t get snow like this down in Kansas City anymore," said Kenneth Hobbie. "Back a long time ago 20 years ago or so we’d always have snow like this but you know this is pretty crazy it’s not fun."

I just want to show how deep this snow is... It’s almost up to my knees and this is the ramp to our hotel leaving people without a place to go because the snow is so bad.