Spring storm has hindered travelers in Huron

HURON, S.D. (KSFY) - The weather doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon here in Huron and families are ready to get out of this hotel and back to their warm homes.

Over a foot of snow has fallen here Huron, South Dakota and right now travel is not advised. Many families travel plans have been put on hold until Friday or Saturday while they wait out this storm.

“It’s pretty crazy, we don’t get snow like this down in Kansas City anymore," said Kenneth Hobbie. "Back a long time ago 20 years ago or so we’d always have snow like this but you know this is pretty crazy it’s not fun.”

Snow has taken over the streets and highways. Crews are trying to keep up the best they can. Travelers are just happy to be safe and not stuck on the side of the road.

"They're like yeah we're just stuck here too and just riding it out in the hotel," Hobbie said. "At least we got a hotel and we're not stuck out in a ditch or something like that."

The Huron Police Department has been working continuously monitoring the conditions.

"After the storm we had last year we made sure that the street department was notified," said Kevin Van Diepen, Huron Police chief. "We notified the the public well in advance, we used social media, and news related stuff we sent out."

Street crews had the city streets plowed well enough to drive this morning -- but now -- they're impassable for many.

This is actually the parking ramp at our hotel the snow is too deep our car would have gotten stuck so we can't even get out into the city.

One elderly man was trying to get down to the parking ramp when he got stuck.

He had his cane in hand trudging through the deep snow -- but needed some help getting back to safety.
This is an example of why officials want you to stay put at home.

“If you need to get around stay on the emergency snow routes," Van Diepen said. "The street crews are trying to clear the intersections where you can get turned around but like I said if you don’t need to be out absolutely stay home and let the emergency crews do what they need to do to get the streets cleared so it’s safe to travel again.”

The Huron Police Department tells me if you need help calling a tow company they're more than happy to help but their main role is to patrol the streets making sure everyone stays safe in this April blizzard.