Made in SD: Stamp company celebrates 50 years in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - You may think with the advancement of technology and constant use of computers "the stamp" could soon die, but Paul Brue says "no way."

Brue has been the president of Sioux Falls Rubber Stamp Works since 1975 back when making stamps was a bit of a process.

"They had these lead type machines, printing was done that way, but rubber stamps were done that way as well," he said.

Now things are different, and he says much easier. He makes all the stamps at his shop in Sioux Falls. For 49 years it was downtown Sioux Falls, now it is right off Southeastern Avenue and 41st Street.

"As far as I know we are the only ones who manufacture them in Sioux Falls," Brue said.

Another big change during his more than four decades with the company has been the way people order stamps.

"They are mostly all custom, a lot through the internet now, some walk through the door," he said.

Signatures, addresses, dating stamps, the options are endless, though Brue says businesses are one of his biggest customers.

Engraving is a big part of the business as well. He makes name tags for several local restaurants, signs for above doors, nameplates for desks and much more.

Though Brue does say, stamps remain the main product at Sioux Falls Rubber Stamp Works. He says, he does not think ''the stamp'' will ever die.

"There's always repeat, people move they need a new address. People change a bank account, they need a new endorsement stamp," he said.

For direction to his website, see the attached link.