State trap shooting tournament held in Crooks

Crooks, SD (KSFY) Hundreds of South Dakota’s best shooters are at the Crooks Gun Club this week competing in the annual trap shooting state tournament.

“We'll have close to 50 squads today, around 225, to 250 shooters today,” Randy Thomas, the President of the South Dakota Trap Shooters Association, said.
The state tournaments includes shooters of all ages.

“This is probably one of the better shoots in the country,” Bath, SD shooter Tim Reed said.

South Dakota is home to some of the best competitors in the sport.

“We have three of the top shooters in the world from South Dakota,” Thomas said.

“The level of competition is really high, there's a lot of good shooters here, the better competition makes you shoot better, the intensity gets really high,” Reed said.

Each competitor shoots 200 single targets in two rounds of the tournament.

“Some of the people here shoot like 100 straight, so they can teach me how they do that and then I can be a better shooter,” Junior shooter Delana Henkel said.

The pros are shooting right alongside new competitors, working to inspire the next generation.

“The kids come out, they shoot, they give them shells so they can shoot, the high schools are getting really involved in it,” Reed said.

“It is growing, it doubled from last year,” Henkel said. “It’s a great sport to be in.”

“It takes a little know-how, but it’s mostly 90 percent a mental game, just repetition time and time again,” Reed said.

“If you miss one you've got to just shake it off,” Henkel said.

Organizers say the winner of the state tournament will likely have to hit all 200 targets. The South Dakota trap shooting association hosts events all over the state throughout the year.