Stay safe while shoveling

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KSFY) - With the recent heavy snow, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue is reminding people to take it easy while shoveling. Shoveling can add to the risk of heart attack or strain injuries.

To prevent injuries and heart attacks, Sioux Falls Fire Rescue says keep these things in mind:

• Warm up with a few stretching exercises before shoveling.
• Don’t smoke or eat a large meal before shoveling.
• Dress in breathable layers with a hat.
• Wear boots with good traction.
• Take frequent breaks to stretch and rest.
• Stay hydrated.
• Bend knees to lift snow. Don’t use your back.
• If you have history of heart disease, do not shovel without your doctor’s okay. Signs of heart attack include chest discomfort; pain in arm, neck, or jaw; cold sweat; nausea; and shortness of breath.

Sioux Falls Fire Rescue encourages everyone to assist neighbors who need help with shoveling their driveways and sidewalks.

As a reminder, residents have 48 hours from the end of a weather event to remove snow and ice from sidewalks. Failure to clear sidewalks will result in citations and other costs to the property owner. Don’t wait. Shovel within 48. Also, don’t forget about sidewalk curb ramps on corner lots and other curb cutouts. Residents are responsible for providing access from the street onto the sidewalk.