Staying fit during the holiday season

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - In this week's edition of Fitness Friday, the head strength and conditioning coach at D1 Sioux Falls, Seth Daughters, explained what foods are better to eat during this time of year and demonstrated some quick workouts to do at home.

Daughters said there are a few things to help you eat the right amount and not overeat at a holiday party. There are four food tactics you can think about when having that large meal. The first is to eat slowly. The second is to sip water as you're eating your meal. People tend to eat until they are absolutely full when Daughters said they should really just eat until they are 80% full. If you eat with a smaller plate, that could help control your portion sizes as well. Daughters said eating smaller portions will help you control your eating habits.

Daughters also talked about the fact that since it's the holiday season, it's okay to indulge in the sweets and have the good food, you just have to do it in moderation. He talked specifically about desserts and which ones are better for you. He described pie or cake as being a good option, cookies as a better option and fruit covered in something like chocolate or caramel as the best option.

Starting your day with a workout will also help keep you healthy during the holiday season. It can help set you up with a speedier metabolism. Metabolism is what your body does when it turns food into energy to keep you going throughout the day. So turning food into energy increases with activity.

There are two different types of workouts Daughters demonstrated. One is interval training and the other is strength training. Examples of both workouts are in the videos in this article.