Steps to take after getting into a weather related car accident

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Car accidents are a huge concern for drivers and emergency personnel when the roads become covered in snow and ice.

Slowing down will help reduce the chances of an accident, but not entirely.

"If you are involved in an accident, first of all, safety first," said Dave Lunzman, Chief Deputy of Brown County.​

If you're the victim of an accident, Dave Lunzman with the Brown County Sheriffs Office says there are a couple of things to remember after dialing 911.

"If you are just off to the road, and you can turn your hazards on, go ahead and turn your hazards on," said Lunzman.

The Community Response Team can help those who may be in a more severe accident.

"We have the sled where if there's a medical emergency, we are able to get either snowmobiles or some type of a tracked vehicle to the location," Lunzman said.

Tow truck drivers are an important resource this time of year, too. Bryan Weber has seen his share of accidents.

"Well, I've been in a situation where I've had to tow a lot of people out for snow or sliding off into a ditch or icy and running into each other," said Bryan Weber, Tow Truck Driver.

He specifically remembers one incident last year, in conditions similar to these.

"There was a Toyota Camry last winter I remember towing, it was icy, snowy, kind of blizzardy like this, it slid through an intersection and it just mangled the car," Weber said.

Lunzman says in these conditions everyone has to be patient and stay aware.

"If they slow down, pay attention, and think ahead," Lunzman said.

If you're driving and see an accident off to the side and want to stop to help, before you do so, Deputy Lunzman says to make sure you don't come to a sudden stop, pull over safely, and also turn on your hazard lights.