Sterling Technology in Brookings works to help human and animal immunity

On the east side of Brookings you can find some pretty prominent businesses. Daktronics and Bell Brands USA are two huge companies in town, but have you ever heard of Sterling Technology? It's a one-of-a-kind, family owned business at the forefront of animal and human health.

Inside its doors, the focus is taking raw colostrum from cows and converting it to a powder or paste that can be used in nutritional products for humans or animals.

Colostrum is the first milk a mother cow produces. It's rich in protective antibodies and other components that support overall health and immunity. Sterling Technology collects the leftover milk after the calf is born and done using the milk.

"We have two divisons of the company. One is our veterinary health which is still supplying product to newborn calves, lambs, any livestock. On the human side it goes into infant formula," Derek Kjelden said.

Derek Kjelden owns and operates Sterling Technology with his brother Dustin. The whole idea of making a business out of this process was started in 1987.

"The company actually started with my grandfather. He was a feed salesman, a farmer, and he learned that if an animal didn't get colostrum, they had a very bad quality of life," Derek said.

"We started here in Brookings in 1999. Every few years we have had some expansions. As the markets go away from antiobiotics and more natural health products are opening up, it's given us demand to grow," Dustin Kjelden said.

Sterling Technology has a customer base in more than 20 countries.

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