Stores look to fill positions this summer

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SIOUX FALLS - As of April 2015 the unemployment rate in South Dakota has been 3.6 percent, a relatively low number compared to most states.

And this can make it tough for stores to fill open positions, especially in the summer.

When you walk into big grocery stores like this Hy-Vee, you may not see a shortage of workers. Most full-time positions are filled at this particular location.

"Most of our positions in the recent past have been filled by referral existing employees we found that asking them to keep their eyes and ears open for potential employees that they think fit our model well has worked really well for us," says Bob Trader, the store manager for the Empire Mall's Hy-Vee.

Trader says many of his full-time employees stay on the job for years. but it's those part-time positions that leave a gap in staff.

"We're no longer seeing applicants that don't have jobs," says Trader. "We're seeing applicants that are employed elsewhere, they're maybe looking for a better fit for themselves."

As the summer begins, the store will be looking for college students, and that may be the hard part. College students usually have a quickly-changing schedule that may not allow lots of work.

"We are looking at students as they come in because school just ended so we continue to look at them and look towards the future and what our needs are going to be there," says Trader.

While stores like the Hy-Vee may need to do some maneuvering to fill in those spots, smaller boutiques usually don't have a hard time finding people to fill those positions.

"Every once in a while we'll have two people on weekends but normally it's just one person working each store and we're able to handle that so we're not needed three or more people here at a time," says Chelsea Tracy, the store owner of Chelsea's Boutique and SHUES shoe store.

Chelsea says she's has seen hundreds of applicants in her small store, since they've opened, and she doesn't see that slowing down anytime soon.