Storm damages Sioux Falls neighborhoods, destroys one home

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Trees flattened, damaged property, debris everywhere, that was the scene for Sioux Falls resident Geri Townsend today after a major storm rocked Sioux Falls Tuesday night.

"A glass table flew across the porch and crashed into our neighbors area, our dog kennel flew, our trampoline was weighted down but it still flew," Townsend said.

For one couple, the damage is even worse.

Matt and Gina Ditmanson lost their entire home to the storm.

Matt is a recreational storm chaser, but he didn't expect a storm to come after him.

"I knew something was coming and had that weird gut feeling. I heard the sound of a train, just that roar, so I grabbed my little dog and headed downstairs, but I didn't make it, I was actually upstairs when the house blew apart," Matt Ditmanson said.

Matt's wife, Gina Ditmanson, was out of town when the storm came, as for Matt, he is just happy to be alive.

"You go through an adrenaline rush, you're just so worried about your safety. It literally happened so fast that everything was done by the time I got downstairs," Matt said.

Among all the destruction, the Ditmanson's are grateful for the community's support.

"We are so fortunate to have so many friends, and family, and people we work with, and everybody that's been here putting in the heavy lifting," Gina Ditmanson said.

The Ditmanson's are salvaging all they can, but they say they will be renting a home until they can put things back together.