Storybook Land celebrates 40th anniversary

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ABERDEEN - Storybook Land is celebrating its 40th anniversary this summer, with a special festival and a family day coming up to commemorate the milestone.

The Aberdeen Visitor's Bureau and Convention, believes whether you're in a stroller or a wheelchair, you'd find something enjoyable in Storybook Land.

"It is our peak destination, family friendly," says Casey Weismantel, the Executive Director for the Visitor's Bureau and Convention.

The park has plenty of events planned for its anniversary this year, including a festival and a special offer that will allow one child to enjoy free rides for one day this summer.

And they certainly have something to celebrate. Their revenue numbers looked healthy last year. In 2014 they collected over $385,000 for concessions, ride fees, and renting out party rooms. In 2015 they received over $427,000.

"We're seeing an increase of about six percent from the year prior, and six percent is huge. especially with one of the cleanest campgrounds in the state" says Weismantel.

The park is only opened just a few months every year, but word of mouth from tourists who visit off season, and year-round advertisements help keep it alive.

And storybook land doesn't just help itself. The amusement park brings in revenue for other attractions around Aberdeen.

Families that rent campgrounds in Wylie Park have praised the camp and storybook land for the close proximity.

"In April we're already booking even weekdays as well as weekends," says Miranda Kallenberger, the campground manager. "Right now we have maybe one weekend open left for the entire summer."

Both employees, and Aberdeen's Visitor's Bureau agree, Storybook Land won't lose its charm anytime soon.

Admission to Storybook Land and Wylie Park is free. Visitors only pay for rides, food, and campground rentals.