Strawbale Winery hosts Folk Off and Rib Challenge

Renner, S.D. - For the first summer in 20 years, Sioux Falls will not be hosting the annual RibFest. Many are turning to The Annual Strawbale Winery Folk Off and Rib Challenge.

“There’s no better Saturday activity,” Boys and Girls Club of the Sioux Empire Director of Marketing, Lisa Verdin said.

Fun, family, music, and of course food are all things you'll find out at Strawbale Winery's Folk Off and Rib Challenge.

“The atmosphere and the crowd out here is fun. Everybody is enjoying themselves,” Vendor, Tim Tennessen said.

“You know this is our front yard and they get to sit on our yard. They don’t have to be in a parking lot and with this event, they can relax, enjoy sitting in the grass, and just having a great day,” Strawbale Winery Owner, Don South said.

The event was started six years ago after local vendors weren't allowed at RibFest. Since then, the event has taken off, raising money for the Boys and Girls Club of the Sioux Empire and Friends of Traditional Music.

“It is absolutely a necessity. We run solely on donations and grants. Without support of our community we wouldn't be able to support as many children as we do,” Verdin said.

“I think it brings everyone together. Our employees love to be able to do this and give back. The volunteers that we have, the friends that we've met through this endeavor, it’s just a great sense of community,” South said.

Even those these vendors are competing against each other for a trophy they said this sense of community brings them back every year.

“You come out here to grill and have fun. It is a lot of family and a lot of families come out. I see a lot of kids. That is why I put hot dogs out there,” Tennessen said.

Big Rig BBQ were the winners of the Rib Challenge and Nick Engbers won the Folk Off.