String of burglaries, gun thefts reported in rural Minnehaha County

Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office believes someone may be targeting rural homes in the county.

Within the last 7 days, officials said there have been 5 burglaries in the communities of Brandon, Hartford, Humboldt, Garretson, and Renner. Sergeant Zachary Cegelske said in each report, the burglar gained access to these homes by forcing entry through a door.

Among the items taken from homes include personal documents, firearms, and jewelry.

Authorities said the burglaries occurred during the daytime, while no one was home. Cegelske said it's concerning because someone could have been home during these burglaries.

The sheriff's office is encouraging rural residents to report any suspicious activity in and around their homes. Authorities said if residents come home and find that their home shows signs of burglary, do not enter the home - call 911.

At this time authorities don't have a description of the suspect or suspects. Residents are encouraged to contact the sheriff's office if they have any information.