Students and staff at O'Gorman shave heads for teacher battling cancer

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Students at O'Gorman are raising money for their teacher battling cancer. Julie Benson is a chemistry teacher at the school, and she is battling cancer for the second time in one year.

Eight students and two staff members took it upon themselves to raise money for Mrs. Benson. The goal was for each of these ten people to raise more than $774. That is the number of students at O'Gorman. Every person who raised that amount had to get their head shaved, and everyone surpassed their goals. In all, $20,210.39 was raised for Mrs. Benson.

Wednesday at 11 a.m. students and staff gathered to see all ten heads shaved.

Kenley Lamberty is a senior at O'Gorman, and his head is now shaved.

"It was an awesome thing to do. I know what she had been going through and that is a lot harder than me having my hair gone," he said.

"The support was astounding. The fact that they raised $20,000 was amazing. I had no idea. It's just breathtaking," Mrs. Benson said.