Students complete coding course

Computers are now a part of every day life and are only going to be more important in the future.

That's why learning how they work is more important than ever.

And students at George McGovern Middle School in Sioux Falls are getting a head start.

The school is teaching a special science class all about coding, using HTML and other tools.

Today, parents got a chance to visit the classroom and see what students came up with. They developed their own web pages from scratch, creating colors, fonts and even developed their own online version of the game "Jeopardy!".

And this is just the start.

"They can go to coding what a robot does, what a drone does," said Terry Helget, George McGovern Middle School science teacher. "They can do all these different things, by programming. And that will lead to jobs for the future."

Students from grades sixth through eighth took part in this year's course.