Students pitch to advertiser, secure sponsor at day 3 of KSFY Media Camp

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - We are half-way through KSFY's Media Camp, and campers are getting closer to having their newscasts ready to air.

On Wednesday, students learned more about the sales side of television.

They made a pitch to an advertiser, CorTrust Bank, and helped secure them as a sponsor for their show.

"It's been cool because they do this every day, and so it really is an eye opener for how much work goes into it, and they enjoy it so it's just fun to see someone doing a job that they love," camper Olivia Reimer said.

Campers also started shooting their news stories, which will air during the special newscasts they're producing.

You can watch those newscasts on Friday at the end of our five and six news shows.