Students play life-size version of board game to learn financial responsibility

HARRISBURG, S.D. (KSFY) - Eighth graders at Harrisburg Middle School participated in a life-size version of a popular board game to learn the importance of financial responsibility.

Counselors prepared the students for "The Game of Life" by exploring career choices based on their interests.

Students decided on a job and were given a starting salary and one month's wage. They moved through the game, making stops along the way to pay expenses.

"We get to learn about how to use money that we get from our jobs that we want to gave in the future wisely, and be able to budget enough money for each thing, like housing and cars and kids and that sort of thing," student Kanton Decker said.

Students also spun The Game of Life wheel and were forced to pay unexpected expenses, like a pair of glasses or a broken leg.