Study finds South Dakota has most student loan debt

A newly-released study found South Dakota has the highest rate of student loan debt of any state in the country.

The study, performed by consumer finance website, was released Wednesday.

Researchers analyzed 12 different measures of indebtedness, including average student debt, number of students with debt, and unemployment rate.

South Dakota had the highest proportion of students with debt, and was 4th highest when it came to percentage of student loan borrowers over age 50.

Several neighboring states were not far behind. Iowa had the 5th-most student loan debt, while Minnesota came in 6th highest.

Utah ranked as the state with least student loan debt.

This is not South Dakota's first time atop this unfortunate list. It also ranked as the state with the most student loan debt in 2018, as well. is a personal finance website which performs independent research on a number of consumer subjects.

Source: WalletHub