Sub-Zero Desserts to open in Sioux Falls this week

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Matt and Jessica Rooney had wanted to operate their shaved ice business out of a shipping container, but the city had told them 'no'.

"When we first talked to the girl (city employee) she said this won't be a problem, I'll make a few phone calls and we will get it figured out. She called me back shortly after and said, I hate to tell you this but you won't be a considered a food truck," Jessica Rooney, co-owner of Sub-Zero Desserts, said.

Due to city ordinances and F.E.M.A. requirements, the Rooney's were not allowed to open their new business, so they contacted city officials.

"The discussion was, is it a mobile unit or a fixed facility, like a building," Jeff Eckhoff, Sioux Falls Director of Planning and Development Services, said.

The original stationary location was in a flood plain and according to F.E.M.A, if any part of your property is on a flood plain, it's all on a flood plain.

Suddenly, the circumstances in this situation have changed.

"I got a call from the building services, and they asked if we could have an impromptu meeting," said Rooney.

In the meeting, the two sides reached an agreement.

"We ended up treating it as a mobile unit, which helped with the flood plain issues and kind of took those away," Eckhoff said.

The plan allows Jessica and her husband to open their business while they wait for a trailer to be custom made, essentially creating a food truck.

The Rooney's say they are happy to finally be able to open their business and plan to open Sub-Zero Desserts by this weekend.