U.S. Soccer's effect on the community after missing the World Cup

It's one of the worst results in United States soccer history. A 2-1 loss to Trinidad & Tabago last night, and the U.S.A. men's soccer team will not be attending the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

"You know I've already thought about am I honestly gonna watch the World Cup,” said U.S. soccer fan Jay Marchand. “I love watching all the other teams, but there is something about rooting for your country."

While U.S. soccer fans are feeling the effects of a major loss, there is a bigger question at hand. How does the U.S. missing out on the World Cup effect local soccer communities like Sioux Falls?

"I think there's gonna be a missed opportunity in the group of younger players that would idolize and really try to emulate the players that are gonna be in the World Cup,” said Dakota Alliance competitive director Ben Gaddis. “They're not gonna have a U.S. player to do that."

Dakota Alliance Soccer Club is one of the youth soccer programs in Sioux Falls that is trying to weigh the consequences of this national soccer fiasco.

"I don't think it will necessarily hurt us number wise, but it won't help to find the kid that gets excited about soccer because they were watching it because they saw the U.S. players,” said Gaddis.

Not watching stars like Christian Pulisic play in the world stage is a major hit, but the root of the struggle might come with the price. It costs more than $5,000 to play competitive youth soccer. A sum that Dakota Alliance is trying to make more manageable.

"We try to do as good of job as possible to have scholarship opportunities and financial aid opportunities for players and families, and we're only looking to expand that," said Gaddis.

So while the U.S. National team has some questions to answer, the Dakota Alliance will continue to do their best to draw children in to the beautiful game.

"The future of Dakota Alliance is very positive,” said Gaddis. “I think we've got a really bright outlook regardless of what the U.S. National Team is doing.”