TSA offers pre-check registration event all week

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - If you're not a fan of those long security lines at the airport you are not alone, but did you know there is a way to get through those long lines a little faster?

It’s a program through the TSA called 'pre-check' and if you take part it means you won't have to take off your shoes and belt anymore and you can keep your laptop in its case.

'Pre-check' enrollment will be available all this week at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport, but due to the popularity of the program you may have to call in advance and book an appointment.

Those dreaded airport security lines can make life tough especially if you’re running late for a flight and need to get screened as fast as possible. The TSA 'pre-check' program can get you around that.

"Enrolling in TSA's pre-checks makes you eligible when you're traveling to leave on your shoes, a light outer jacket, you can leave on your belt," Spokeswoman & Public Affairs Manager, Lorie Dankers said.

Through 'pre-check' passengers can keep their laptops in their case through security; those travel sized liquids are allowed too. The application fee is $85 and 'trusted traveler' status is good for five years.

"If you are departing from an airport that does not operate a dedicated TSA pre-check lane the good news is you'll still be allowed to leave on your shoes," Dankers said.

There are more than 200 airports that have dedicated TSA pre-check and with this summer expected to be one of the busiest summers on record for travel in the U.S. it can come in handy.

The TSA says 'pre-check' travelers waited about five minutes or less for a security screening.

"You will be asked to give a set of fingerprints, the reason for that is there will be a basic background check of every person who applies," Dankers said.

Making sure you're a ‘trusted traveler.’

"We do believe this enhances security we also know it's a great customer service factor for people who are traveling through the TSA pre-check lane," Dankers said.

Children 12 and under can also be enrolled with a parent, but when they reach 13 they'll have to be enrolled separately.

"And that can be a cost saver for you," Dankers said.

The enrollment center is on the main floor conference room at the Sioux Falls Airport and is open all week. To enroll you'll just need a current U.S. passport or driver’s license and a certified copy of a birth certificate.

Appointments can be made online for this week here.