"Tales of an American Hoodrat" will premiere at the South Dakota Film Festival

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"Tales of an American Hoodrat" is a film shot in Northeast South Dakota, by an Aberdeen native.

That native is Brandon Lunzman. He grew up in Aberdeen with a love for film.

"I knew that he would go into the film industry when I went into labor in a video store," said Brandon's Mother, and the Producer for the film, M.J. Lunzman.

"I feel like I've always had a love for film, it was just a matter of tapping into that and realizing this is what I want to do for the rest of my life," said Brandon Lunzman.

Growing up in Aberdeen he knew being a successful film maker in South Dakota was going to be tough.

"For so long I think I was just trying to tell myself it's not possible and that's not very common around here," Brandon said.

After graduating from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, he came back to Aberdeen with a dream.

"It was a story about small town Midwestern kids, and that's why I decided to come back here," Brandon said.

The film was shot in and around Aberdeen. Many community members, and area businesses played a key role in the making of the film.

"I'm really happy that Brandon chose to use the talent that is here locally in his hometown to make this film happen ," said Brian Schultz, helped with the casting direction for the film.

"It'll just have a good impact all around, even the small communities that were able to take part in doing this, I think it'll have a big impact," said Ryan Smith, Riverside Park Cemetery Manager.

As great as the community has been to Brandon, nobody has been more important to the success of this film than his family.

"I feel like when you're first getting started in this industry it's hard to know if people have your best interest in mind, and with your family that has been with you your whole journey, you know that they have your best interest in mind," Brandon said.

Brandon looks forward to creating more films in South Dakota, and showing the rest of the world the talent his community has to offer.

"I want to open up the world of film making to small town communities and I want to get people involved and just help them showcase their talent the best way I can," Brandon said.

"Tales of an American Hoodrat" will premier at the South Dakota Film Festival on September 26th.

The film will also be shown in Ellington, New York at Cinemafest, and at the Orlando Film Fest in October.