Teen arrested on drug charges during handgun investigation

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Police say a teenager has been arrested on drug charges during an investigation into a handgun.

Capt. Loren McManus said police were called to Kenny Anderson Community Center Thursday around 4:10 p.m. An employee there thought she saw a teenager showing a handgun to another teenager in a room.

When police arrived, the boys were gone. Officers checked the building but did not find a gun. A search of the neighborhood found the two boys a few blocks away, but they also did not have a gun.

Police discovered that the two boys were on an active list of runaways. They went to the boys' homes and found that no guns were missing.

Police did find drugs on a 15-year-old boy.

Officers took him to JDC on possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance, illegal possession of a prescription drug, possession of drugs in a drug-free zone and under age possession of tobacco.

A 16-year-old was not charged.

McManus said if there was actually a gun at the community center, there was never any danger to the public as it was just being shown from one friend to another.

If anyone in the neighborhood finds a gun, contact police at 367-7000.

Kenny Anderson Community Center is connected to Anne Sullivan Elementary School near 3rd Street and Bahnson Avenue.