Teen charged in death of 15-year-old boy changes plea

Alexander Lingor

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - A teenager charged in the death of a 15-year-old by has changed his plea.

Alex Lingor appeared in court Wednesday to plead guilty to second degree manslaughter, aggravated assault and distribution/intent to distribute marijuana to a minor.

The charges stem from a fatal accident near Western Avenue and 22nd Street around 4 a.m. back in February 2017.

Police say Lingor and an adult man planned to sell marijuana to three other teenagers. A chase began near 57th Street and Louise Avenue when the teens allegedly tried to rip-off Lingor and Anthony Moran.

Kareem Cisse,15, died when Lingor's pickup allegedly caused the teens' sedan to veer off the street and into a tree.

Lingor's parents have also been charged in the incident for accessory to a crime, misprision of felony and making a false report. Police allege they tampered with the vehicle involved in the crash.

The two other teens in the sedan, Nyounkpao Kyne and Christian Walberg, have also been charged.

A judge sentenced Moran to one year in prison back in September 2017.

Lingor is scheduled to be sentenced on May 15.

Anthony Moran