Terry Redlin Elementary School students visit art center

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ABERDEEN - The fifth grade classes from Terry Redlin Elementary School in Sioux Falls visited the Terry Redlin's art center in Watertown on Tuesday.

In previous years, third grade students took the trip up to the art center, but the school's staff wanted the older children learn more about his life before they leave the school.

These fifth grade students weren't supposed to be at the Terry Redlin Art Center today, but the painter's death in April changed everything.

"We cannot let these kids leave Terry Redlin without knowing who Terry Redlin is without knowing that this is here," says Cyndi Underberg, a fifth grade teacher for the elementary school.

The kids may not all be familiar with his work, but today's trip brought out their enthusiasm to learn more.

"I like the winter wonderland," says Deion Ward, a fifth grader at the school. "I like it cause it has a snowman and the house."

The most significant part of the trip was the speech from Redlin's son, Charles.

He spoke about his father's work and how education played a key role in his life.

"He never stopped educating himself," says Charles. "Before he actually painted his first painting there were five years of hard work before he even touched a brush to a painting."

After the speech students gave Charles cards expressing their condolences--one card from each fifth grade student. They also gave him a picture of the school, a surprise that made Charles emotional.

"I don't really always see the image, i see the memory of what he was doing when he was painting it and that's nice to experience," says Charles.

"I hope the kids realize what a difference they made," Underberg hopes.

Charles says his father would have loved every moment of having the students at the center.

Terry's son says he expects the art center to become even more popular now that his father has passed.